Malcesine, June 26, 2019 – A long day 2 of racing in Malcesine closed the qualifying round for the J/70 European Championships: the Race Committee took home four races, with crews at sea until late in the afternoon. The bullets of the day, fought in medium wind conditions, were the Spaniards of Abril Verde and the Russians of Maria for the first race, the Italians of YC Rimini Sailing Team and DAS Sailing Team for the second, the Spaniards of Marnatura 1 and the Italians of L’elagain for the third, and finally, the Americans of Catapult and the Italians of Enfant Terrible, who were victorious in the fourth race of the day.

The general rankings have the Spaniards of Marnatura 1 (7-1-3-7-1-2) and Luis Bugallo at the helm with a strong lead followed by the British team of Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat (2-7-7-2- 4-13) and the Russians of Maria (4-17-1-9-9-2). In the Corinthian division, Gianfranco Noè’s White Hawk is in the lead (17-3-40-16-17-5), followed by Abril Verde and Spaniard Luis Perez Canal (3-20-1-34-17-17) and the Maltese Calypso (41-22-18-13-5-3).

Competition will get serious tomorrow with the fleet divided over two regatta fields – Gold and Silver – as participants battle for the continental title: the Race Committee chaired by Giancarlo Crevatin has set the expected warning signal for 1:00 pm.

Quote from Luis Bugallo, Helmsman of Marnatura 1
“We have a complicated situation with the wind. it’s quite variable with wind shifting up and down. I think this is not typical for here in Garda. The team is working very hard in these conditions and we will continue to do our best. There is still a lot of racing to do…”

Top 5 J/70 Europeans 2019 after qualifying series

  1. Marnatura 1, Luis Bugallo (SPA), pt. 14
  2. Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat, Paul Ward (GBR), pt. 22
  3. Maria, Andrey Malygin (RUS), pt. 25
  4. Alice, Salvatore Eulisse (ITA), pt. 27
  5. DAS Sailing Team, Alessandro Zampori (ITA), pt. 29

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